Polka Dot Nike Dunk Low

NBA shoes war exposed a king has an exclusive design by wave point to multi-stage mixed gray and black to create the Nike Dunk High Supreme Deluxe Edition high to help. This time we received an exclusive tip, then a shoe designed for women fans to help low-tailored blue version has turned out to readers immediately see a real band.

As shown, the upper two-war line of shoes to create a blue canvas, on which completely shows Ambilight, splendid point of the wave pattern. In addition, the shoe also features a white midsole, the colors marked on the hook immediately and leather, lace and lined with the formation of echoes of the situation, it is truly beautiful. This new listing was originally scheduled for this fall, but now well-known stores Kicks-Crew has prerelease release, like the friend must be pre-emptive

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ACG all-weather package Nike Air Max 1

With the excellent work and a series of brilliant series launched in the coming months is expected to set off a new wave of a Nike Air Max 1, which like the “Omega / OMEGA” Set and Air Max 1 Crepe 2010 holiday season series is even more shoe enthusiasts eagerly awaited masterpiece. This time the king received the exclusive NBA war intelligence shoes, Air Max 1 “all-weather / ACG” package will also be strong to join the 2010 autumn / winter camp, and immediately take readers to preview.

As shown, the package contains a total of four pairs of exquisite design, color and fresh Air Max 1 new masterpiece, were dark blue / blue, brown / black, black / green / red / white and purple / red / navy / pink color version, and each pair of shoes the tongue on the war are engraved with “all-weather / ACG” triangle mark, so that the theme package to shine, gained world renown. Time being about the exact release date for this new, more follow-up report, please lock the NBA continued to fight the king shoes!

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Introduction of G-GUCCI Gucci creative director personally designed series watch

2009 produced the G-Gucci original 1960s design revision. Table G-ring with delicate and unique character box, and smooth bracelet make a perfect match highlights watches personality. Decorated with exquisite, fashion bracelet strap of the G-Gucci, has been popular since the launch of women of all ages pro-gaze.

Gucci the famous “G” icon from the 60s of last century was first introduced, it will be to fame in the world. It once again gracefully into this stainless steel watch, even with a strong avant-garde sense of “all black” appearance displayed.

G-Gucci Gucci creative director Frida Giannini from the personally designed. Gucci classic luxury to re-create, to become more confident and modern vision, the perfect expression of Giannini’s talent.

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GUCCI TIMELESS perfect interpretation of classic luxury watch series

Gucci TIMELESS series filled with modern style and the city’s atmosphere, showing a very modern design.

Women from small-to medium-sized neutral size size, different styles and style contests, and the style show. Too large watches rugged sports chronograph movement subtly remind people of the classic Gucci daydream lifestyle, such as sailing and water sports love love. 27 mm of the table to add another paragraph, paragraph a durable: dazzling diamond bezel surrounding the mother of pearl dial, 12 diamonds in the dial shine.

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GUCCI shoes store login tokyo

Gucci announced that ICON-TEMPORARY mobile sports shoes Gucci store next to visit Japan, Shinjuku shop, will be launched by the brand creative director Frida Giannini designed specifically for the store’s limited series of sports shoes. Following the flow of sports shoes stores in New York, Miami and London after the successful launch of the Tokyo store will launch 2 Gucci creative director Frida Giannini by the award-winning musician Mark Ronson and the two co-designed “Gucci Ronson” limited edition sneakers .

Tokyo GUCCI ICON-TEMPORARY mobile sports shoes Gucci store to open in the middle of Shinjuku stores, sales for the period from June 12, 2010 to July 4, 2010. June 11, musician Mark Ronson will be held parties in the shop to celebrate the opening of Tokyo mobile sports shoes stores.

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GUCCI for packaging to open a low-carbon Story

Gucci determined to reduce the operational impact on the environment, in line with plan, Gucci brand’s packaging to adjust measures to reduce waste of resources. Transporting goods from the factory with a flannel bags will be specially packaged a pair of shoes to replace with two flannel bags before packaging, gift boxes will only be available to customers requirements. Gucci green humanoid model will be a whole new (mannequin) to replace the original version, the new humanoid models designed by the Frida Giannini to seismic polystyrene (a type of durable and 100% of the original loop material) made with water based paint color, all in Italy.

Gucci Chairman and Chief Executive Patrizio di Marco said: “To an impartial evaluation before the world’s top brands, assessment criteria have not only quality products and service attitude, but also the brand and the social and environmental interaction. In 2004, Gucci all the logistics supply have voluntarily adopted the standards of corporate social responsibility (SA 8000) certification process, which has become a pioneer in environmental protection industry. In the same year, Gucci and Children’s Fund (UNICEF) to establish cooperation in the past six years, the brand more than eight million dollars were raised in support of sub-Saharan Africa’s poor children and women. The partnership program is an integral part of our value system, as we believe the importance of protecting the environment. ”

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Gucci coat to wear IPad

Fashion is always sooner rather than later. You see, iPad does not officially spread, people rushed to it to design “coat” the. It is beautiful Gucci design director Frida Giannini! Her design for the iPad a series of special packages, unique buckle design highlights the perfect combination of materials and technology, Aspect will also include a black leather Gucci style and double-G Classic Logo, as well as the traditional combination of red and green. Now only the small scale to merit in October will launch more new products, such as Valentine’s Day special section introduced red, silver Christmas exclusive design models, each with suede lining, can be completely closed to protect the touch screen . Price of 230 dollars, now already in Rome, Milan, Paris, London and New York Gucci flagship store bought.

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Gucci watch series

In the G-Frame and U-Play appreciation of the two series link, G-Frame As soon as he played to bring out the pure Gucci has always admired the elegance of femininity. The appearance of lines and minimalist design of the first letter into the Gucci Logo, Particular and engraved surface on the side of the crown, all reflect the designer of the series, Gucci creative director Frida Gianini sought in modern graphic art and classical long-lasting perfect balance between style, creative ideas. The series comprises black, beige, gray and gray blue Rose of four colors, luxurious, paragraph 6 and 12 points is also studded with old luxury brand Gucci as a status symbol of high quality diamonds. Therefore, G-Frame series of sections of the phenotype can be described as invariably found nowadays ladies aspire to be the focus of audience attention demands.

The same design are mine from Frida Gianini the U-Play series, put the watch to a fun combination of reach and height. Each of the series has three different colors and materials to replace the bezel, bracelet kits are available with. Small code sections in which the basic use of polished stainless steel watch bracelets, supplemented with light brown silk, Gucci patent leather black and white lizard leather accessories; large size models accessories are white Guccissima leather, blue ostrich skin, purple rubber and patent leather Gucci. This combination not only highlights the designer’s creativity, it is distributed so that the ladies have a unique opportunity for personal temperament to enjoy the modern and elegant new simultaneous experience.

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Gucci limited edition men’s shoes launched network

In the real world and the gradual integration with the network in the world today, and even has high above looking down on the network have also launched the luxury brand, to explore the power transmission network in the world.
Autumn in preparation for the coming winter, you will find in the online launch of the network limited edition Gucci men’s shoes. The network has such limited style Wing-tip brogues, ostrich skin loafers and nubuck boat shoes. If you love these products, then quickly access to Gucci’s official website, with orders it.

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LV bag series introduces a variety of materials

LV is known to the world’s top brand handbags, LV series also introduced a variety of enduring style be used. But sometimes find that some people will often LV material series and style series confused, today we introduce to the five material LV Series – MONOGRAM canvas, DAMIER canvas, Suhali Series, EPI leather series and Mahina Series to see in the end, and the difference between style series where it.

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